3.0 Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for this topic are;

  1. Benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  2. Physical activity
  3. Healthy eating
  4. Risks of lifestyle choice in substance misuse
  5. Work, health & well-being

In this topic we will be learning about the advantages and benefits of having a healthy lifestyle and how it can be achieved. We will also be familiarising with the negative impact of risky health choices and behaviours. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle offers an increase in our life expectancy and quality of life. This is possible by maintaining a healthy weight, a balanced diet and reducing the risks of preventable injury, disease and illness, whilst embracing health recommendations and accessing health assessment tools.

Students will also be introduced to how negative lifestyle choices such as substance misuse, smoking and alcohol impact on our health. Additionally, the role of the workplace to prevent disease and illness including exposure to sun, protective clothing, road safety, and how any kind of productive work (paid and unpaid) contributes to our mental wellbeing, personal esteem, dignity and respect.