Health Awareness (Level 1)

Level 1 in Health Awareness is an accredited qualification awarded by the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH). It is the first step to training for Community Health Champions. It offers learners a rsph_logobasic awareness of the principles of health and the impact on their health of the lifestyle choices they make. They will also be prepared to take responsibility for their personal health and work actively with health service providers to manage their own care and that of others and will be enabled to actively contribute towards more effective health service provision. This qualification is applicable for everyone, but is especially appropriate:

  • in the workplace setting as an introduction to health awareness
  • in the health and social care sector, including for those preparing for careers in these sectors
  • as a foundation for those in support roles to professionals; in education; in public services; and within corporate settings
  • as part of health and lifestyle education for young people, through schools and colleges, and for those starting out in independent living.
The Online course is delivered over four topics and will take a minimum of 10 hrs to complete.
This award covers:
  1. Understand the meaning of ‘Health’.
  2. Understand the basic principles of public health.
  3. Understand the lifestyle choices affecting personal health and well-being.
  4. Understand how to manage personal health collaboratively with health service providers
Learners have the choice to either complete the online course only, and gain the IHC Education Centre certificate, or go on to give the RSPH written exam at our Center.
At the end of the course
  1. Online route: At the end of the course there is an online multiple choice assessment. On successful completion a Certificate of Completion is awarded by the IHC Education Centre.
  2. RSPH certification: A written assessment to be given at the IHC Centre in Birmingham. There will be a £30 fee for RSPH exam and registration. On successful completion a qualification  certificate is awarded by the RSPH.

Cost: £40 (excl RSPH exam)

Estimated Time: 10 hrs (min)